• What can Morphii do for you?

    Morphii helps you understand what your customers really want using the science of emotion.

    Using our technology, you can:

    • Understand how your customers are feeling
    • Connect, react, and respond appropriately
    • Predict behaviors based on emotion data

    Check out the video to learn how we use science to improve communication and how Morphii can help your business!

Meet Morphii

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We create tools that capture and measure emotion.

Morphii increases the engagement of your audience, while aggregating science-based emotion data for your business.

Beyond Sentiment Data

Stop reading all those comments.  Morphii’s science-based technology will help you distinguish between emotions like “disgusted” and “disappointed” in an instant.

Increased Engagement

Morphii is engaging and fun to use. But don’t take our word for it. Read Case Studies of how our early adopters used morphiis to increase engagement with their surveys and beyond.


Morphii is founded in behavioral and emotion science, giving our tools their distinct look, functionality and data capture capabilities.

Easy Integration

With multi-functional APIs and widgets, you can implement morphii virtually anywhere you want better feedback. Learn more about integrating morphiis into your products on our tools page.

It's all about emotion data.

At our core, we all want to be understood and to understand others. Emotion is the cornerstone of human experience–rich and complex–and the foundation of our motivation and behavior.

Current tools for measuring and communicating emotion are limited to sentiment and often misunderstood and misinterpreted. Morphii creates easier ways to communicate emotion across digital platforms and better data means better business.

What our users are saying...

“The emotional engagement levels and viewership intentions we got from 1,000 respondents to the Morphii survey provided a unique and useful level of encouragement for our sponsor candidate to move forward with the project”
Phil WaggonerLafitte Productions, LLC
Team members that appreciated the fact we made the survey experience more engaging and fun using morphii.
Jeremy LochVP Sales & Marketing, Heartland School Solutions
We see the potential to incorporate morphii into our applications to provide an even greater experience for them to provide us feedback going forward.
Terry RobertsPresident, Heartland School Solutions
Check out how morphii is being used in web apps and in the iTunes store!

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