Can We Make Real Connections on Digital Platforms?

The internet allows us to reach, yes – but connect? Meh. Being understood is one of the most powerful things that can happen to any of us. It is critical to our health and well-being. But misunderstandings are commonplace, much … Read More

Morphii Meets Higher Education

The Morphii platform has birthed another engaging and useful tool: Quirii. It’s a simple way to set up a survey by specifying a video, image, or text target to allow people to react with morphiis representing one or more feelings. It … Read More

How Emotion Differs from Sentiment

Sentiment is everywhere in marketing. It’s what many companies are actively measuring and reporting back to their clients–and companies are spending millions in social listening, which is said to auto-capture the sentiment being shared online. But how does sentiment differ … Read More

How Morphii Can Help Patients on the Autism Spectrum

A recent Scientific American article describes some new research suggesting that autistic children do not so much avoid eye contact as they find it of little interest. That is to say, new evidence suggests that autistic kids perhaps do not … Read More

Six Ways Morphii Can Improve Healthcare

As the world grows smaller and smaller due to digital influence and the global economy, it can become increasingly difficult to express ourselves when it matters most. At Morphii, we know that healthcare professionals need help understanding their patients, and … Read More

Why the Mavericks at Lafitte Productions Chose morphii

“Sizzle reels” deserve better than Likert scales.   We’re pretty excited around the office, as we await the results of a cool initiative we’ve launched with a local group that is pitching their idea for a new TV show.  The … Read More

morphii Lets You Throw Shade in a Text

A wonderful article here tells us how many of us are using the phrase, “throwing shade” incorrectly.  It’s really worth a read, as there’s more history there than you might imagine.  A lot more than meets the eye, if you … Read More

Signals, Noises & Feelings (Oh, my!)

As a rule, people like to be understood rather than misunderstood. But in digital communications, particularly where it comes to feelings, it’s often quite difficult to communicate clearly, and to be understood accurately. Sure, typing three angry face emoji in … Read More

We Feel You – Measurement

Because of a lack of adequate, clear, and coherent means of conveying and understanding feelings, those interested in how individuals and groups of people feel and behave, lack adequate tools to capture and measure emotion. This is true particularly with respect to specific types of feelings and their intensities.

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We Feel You

Though the digital world increasingly allows us to communicate and share our experiences, we all still struggle to express ourselves and understand one another effectively in the most basic of human languages — emotions.

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