Meet the people bringing morphiis to life.

Our team is committed to bringing new and engaging communication tools to the digital world across all channels and industries. We envision a world where no person feels lonely, neglected or misunderstood.

Julie Moreland

When she’s not jet-setting around the country to talk to anyone she can about morphii, Julie can be found practicing Reiki, spending time with animals or riding Harleys.

Brian Sullivan

Curious, creative, and caffeinated, morphii’s creator impatiently seeks a world where technology supports and enables emotional connections. Earth is his last hope.

Corley Sullivan

Corley’s more than 20 years of experience doodling make her the obvious choice to oversee all of morphii’s iterations, and her obsession with pixels is exceeded only by her love for her Boston Terrier, Piper.

Michael Wright

Michael ensures that Morphii can be used anywhere and by anyone, which makes sense considering he loves the outdoors and can often be found fishing, gardening, or bike riding.

Jay Bredenberg

When not exploring the beauty and wonders of LEGO, Jay is diving into key business insights that morphii provides.

Bill Freeman

Bill Freeman has over 30 years global experience for some of the biggest ad agencies, and is now involved in a series of venture backed startups in both marketing services and technology. He is very active in the startup community in Charleston to help many of them get launched, and he can also be found racing sailboats on Charleston Harbor, rehabbing historic homes or playing golf with fellow Baby Boomers.

Neil Roa

Inspired by characters and collaboration, Neil works hard to help shape the Morphii brand. He takes joy in a well-crafted story, a fact-checked opinion, and figuring out how the world around him works.

Morphii Story – 1

Morphii was born is a psychologist’s office.

Dr. Brian Sullivan wanted to help his patients better express their current emotional state with clarity and range of intensity, but he found that his traditional paperwork wasn’t doing the trick. “People weren’t taking the time to assign a number. It was busy work.”

So he decided that he needed something better–something digital, interactive and easy-to-use. And it had to be grounded in science. The rest, as they say, is history.


Morphii Story – 2

Who does morphii help?

Well, since it was created for the healthcare field, this, of course, was the first instinct. Help patients communicate with their physicians without education or language barriers. But morphii goes beyond that. The science-based morphii faces mirror real human expression and reflect real human emotion. When you morph them, we are able to glean accurate emotion data in real-time. This can not only help people around the world better express their needs and provide meaningful feedback without using words, but it can also help companies learn their customers’ emotional reactions to their products and services–without the use of 5-stars, like buttons and wordy surveys that lack real depth.