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Better tools. Easier learning.

Morphii makes it easier to understand what your customers’ emotions mean for your bottom line.

Digital communication is the easiest way to find out about the satisfaction of our customers, but the options for obtaining information is limited to likes and 5-star ratings systems.

Don’t you wish you had better information?

Our free trial will allow you to use morphii in a variety of situations to generate science-based data that captures even more than the most robust sentiment analysis tool can, including the type and intensity of emotion.

The Morphii team then aggregates this data to provide actionable insights for your business.


Morphii reflects our global society. It is universally-recognized regardless of platform, requires less interpretation, and is not limited by language or education.


3 Easy Ways to Get Started

With 3 different ways to implement Morphii we make getting started a breeze.


Want to try out Morphii in the simplest possible way?

Quirii allows you to upload images, video, or text and get real-time emotional feedback with Morphii.  Visit Quirii to get started now for free!

HTML Widget

Want to embed Morphii into your website, web application or other web-based products?

Our HTML widget allows you to drop morphii anywhere with just a few lines of HTML and javascript.  Contact us to get started!


iOS & Android SDKs

Have a native mobile app for iOS or Android devices and want to use Morphii inside?

We have SDKs to make integrating our technology a breeze.  Contact us to get started!

Want to Start your Free Trial?

We’re ready to show you the power of the morphii platform. Contact us below:

Check out how morphii is being used in web apps and in the iTunes store!
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