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Analyze & Model Insights

Predict & Prescribe

More Efficient X-Data Capture

Higher Quality, More Actionable X-Data

New Class Of X-Data – INTENSITY

Augment & Affirm Data Analytics Strategies with Morphii X-Data to make all of your data more powerful!

While there are unlimited applications of Morphii, these 3 are the most common:

Let’s see some examples of Morphii at work:

Applying Morphii to Power Up Your
Market Research

Measure, act and continuously improve experiences with your brand, products and services:

  • Testing (new concepts, messaging and strategies)
  • Customer Journey Capture (X-Data capture suited to critical touchpoints)
  • Emotional Benchmarking (your product service over time & compared to other products/services)
  • Causal Analysis (studying behavioral cause and effect in relation to reported experience)
  • Augment & Affirm Other Data (Add perspective to quantitative data, Inspire more/better verbatim responses AND Affirm qualitative interpretations

And so much more …

Putting Morphii into Action:

50x More Effective at Predicting Negative Consumer Behaviors

Augment & Affirm “Likelihood to Recommend” then ACT on What this metric doesn’t predict … negative consumer behaviors.

97% of Callers Experience Improved Disposition

Measuring the Service Experience for Listeners On Call

2-4x More Effective at Provoking Verbatims

Feed Text Analytics with More, More Contextual Responses

What people are saying:

Morphii not only drastically improved survey engagement, it enabled us to do what every company desires to do; link emotional responses to behavior – allowing us to prioritize and focus spend where it mattered most to our customers.

Jamie Thompson – CX Practitioner, Global Telecom

Applying Morphii to Tune Into Your

Understanding individual and collective experiences of a group of people (employees, students, patients, donors or constituents) through real-time pulse checks or classic surveys in order to improve:

  • Engagement
  • Retention and Loyalty
  • Development/Learning Opportunities
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts
  • In-the-moment Virtual Communications

And so much more …

Examples of Morphii at Work:

Platform Delivers Predictive/Prescriptive Insights to Improve Retention in Healthcare

The annual rate of CNA turnover is 129%

Straightaway (a Relias Company) embeds the Morphii Widget directly into their solution to conduct check-ins with CNAs. The platform drives real-time notifications through its dashboard to proactively address churn risk.

Insights Deliver for Pizza Franchise by uncovering what’s actually driving turnover

Partners: Franchise of American Multi-National Chain
Problem: Misunderstood turnover stimulus among Service Level Employees
Finding: Turnover problem stems from issues among Assistant Managers. 76% of them are likely to stay … but, 50% of them are frustrated or disengaged

NCQA Prevalidated for Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH)

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)’s PCMH Prevalidation evaluates related health technology solutions providing functionality that completely meet or support factor-level requirements within applicable NCQA PCMH Standards. Practices that use an NCQA Prevalidated system with autocredit awarded to a factor do not have to submit documentation for that associated factor within their PCMH Survey.

What people are saying:

It’s as if using Morphii to express the intensity of their feelings made respondents think more critically about their experience, and want to tell us more.

Morphii Research Partner

Applying Morphii to Empower Your 
User Experience

A critical component of any digital strategy. Whether you’re play-testing game features or ensuring your website or app is achieving its intended purpose, correlating user behaviors with user experiences makes iterating and improving more efficient.

Capturing Morphii X-Data can contribute in multiple ways:

  • Augment/Affirm CSAT and/or Likelihood to Recommend with more organic touchpoints for efficient, engaging, cohesive measurement
  • Capture more relevant data over time/user journey to better understand and predict UX

And so much more …

Examples of Putting Morphii to Work:


With your resources you have the ability to customize—not just the constructs you measure—but the way you visualize measurement. Whether you’re building product specific morphiis or encouraging gamers to customize their own avatars, every competitive organization has the teams and the technology needed to engage and deliver unprecedented X-Data quality, with Morphii.


Capturing if someone is confused, bored, excited, or otherwise lets you know what’s winning or losing their engagement and gives you experiential context to iterate and optimize your digital experience.

Fun Fact
Finalist: ADP Hack-Day 2019
Payroll Innovations (PI) UX Team Integrated Morphii in their winning Pay Transparency Study

The applications are unlimited … whenever you need to capture actionable X-Data, you need Morphii!

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