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Morphii® X-Data Improves Employee Experiences at Pizza Franchise

The Vice President of Human Resources for a large pizza franchise (part of an American multinational chain) couldn’t figure out why so many of their Drivers and Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) weren’t sticking around. With more than 2,300 employees and 100+ stores to run, they had established initiatives to demonstrate career path opportunities and promote mentoring. Were workers not getting the message, or was there something else going on? Having a wide range of theories and anecdotes about what might be causing employee churn, it was time to get real, data-informed evidence.

The franchise partnered with Morphii® to capture employee experiences and their intensity. Using classic Gallup Q12 principles and exploring emerging trends in employee engagement research (e.g., psychological and physical safety, and mood states), the study focused on both new and traditional experience constructs to better understand potential churn instigators.

Using a standard approach to employee surveys it would have been easy to mistake the source of their retention problem. But, Morphii pointed them directly to frustrated and disengaged Assistant Managers, whose feelings permeated the workplace although most had no intention of leaving this workforce. With evidence in-hand, the franchise began actioning Morphii X-Data to improve employee experiences. 

The following year, the franchise surveyed employees again to ensure that their efforts were making a positive impact on employees, particularly those who set the tone in their stores. Their efforts to action Morphii X-Data paid off … the results included a 16% Reduction in Negative Emotions among Likely to Stay Assistant Managers. 

To learn more about how this franchise took action to improve employee experiences, check out our partner research study: Actionable Employee Insights Drive Positive Momentum for Pizza Franchise

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