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Announcing the Morphii for WordPress Plugin

If your company’s website or blog runs on WordPress, then HAVE WE GOT NEWS FOR YOU!

Today, the power of morphii is available to the masses with the FREE Morphii for WordPress plugin.

So, what is the Morphii for WordPress plugin, you ask? It’s the most powerful, easy, and FREE way to capture X-Data on your website! We have a step-by-step guide on how to install this easy and powerful tool for free.

Yes, there’s a Pro plugin option as well, which includes more questions and a text box (like in the GIF above).

Morphii not only provides reliable insights – it fulfills an obligation to make the feedback process more engaging and efficient for respondents, while providing stakeholders with a competitive market differentiator that is simple and cost-effective to deploy using existing technology channels.

Tricia Houston, COO/Founder, MMR Live Experience Design
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