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Why the Mavericks at Lafitte Productions Chose morphii

Why the Mavericks at Lafitte Productions Chose morphii

“Sizzle reels” deserve better than Likert scales.

We’re pretty excited around the office, as we await the results of a cool initiative we’ve launched with a local group that is pitching their idea for a new TV show.  The data are coming in even as I write.

The show is called American Mavericks, the brainchild of a handful of people who want to celebrate the spirit of innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and adventurers in America.  These are the mavericks, the ones who blaze trails and get things done with courage, grit, and style.  And if the pitch video – what they call a “sizzle reel” – is any indication, the show will be not simply entertaining but also downright inspirational. Here’s a little sample:

American Mavericks – short from Vizbii Inc on Vimeo.

Lafitte Productions, LLC, is a new local television production company that chose to go above and beyond in their efforts to pitch a program idea and raise the capital needed to produce a first season.  Knowing that emotional appeal would be key to a successful pitch, they chose to use the Morphii platform to conduct a simple and elegant study to speak to all audiences.  They’re gathering 1000 viewer impressions to share with potential investors, potential sponsors, and potential broadcast/distribution partners.  

First and foremost, they wanted to know about viewer engagement – specifically, how excited or bored viewers of the sizzle reel were after seeing it.  Second, they wanted to know whether and to what degree those potential viewers saw themselves as mavericks, as this might have a bearing on how excited or bored they were by the video.  And third, they wanted to know if respondents felt a desire to watch a full program built on the concept.  Of course, they wanted to target a specific demographic, representing potential viewers.

But why morphii?  These Lafitte folks are early adopters, trailblazers themselves.  They saw that the morphiis would provide more specific and accurate data than would emoji, which have been shown to be easily misinterpreted, and that morphiis would be much more engaging than typical Likert scales in capturing viewers’ emotions.  And they believed that including the innovative morphiis rather than emoji or Likert response options, would set their group apart as they made their pitches.  They saw the benefits of greater utility, higher engagement, and novel differentiation.  So, we used the morphii Web Widget to incorporate morphiis into the survey, uploaded their video to it, and authorized us to use our good friends at Market Cube to find the appropriate target respondents and distribute the survey.  

Now, we’re watching alongside Lafitte as the data roll in.  

Don’t tell anyone, but the Lafitte folks told us they told a potential sponsor about the study that will accompany their pitch, and the potential sponsor told them they were pretty impressed already even before the data are in.

Advantage, Lafitte.

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