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From Bright Idea to X-Data Differentiator. Vizbii CEO Reflects on the Evolution of Morphii®

“One of the biggest [problems large companies are facing] is the [quality] of their [X-} data … it’s not as predictive as they would like it to be. What Morphii solves is that data [quality] problem. So you’re capturing what someone is actually experiencing, as opposed to a rating.”

Julie Moreland, CEO of Vizbii Technologies, Inc.

Julie Moreland, CEO of Vizbii Technologies, Inc. recently sat down with Jack Harvey, Entrepreneur in Residence at SCRA, to record an episode for the SC Launch CEO Podcast.

Jack and Julie reminisced about the origins of Morphii® technology and the evolution of Vizbii from developing the founders’ idea to make it easier for patients to express themselves into a product that is universally applicable for understanding consumers, employees, users and more. In this podcast, they walk through the progression of honing the idea into a viable product with the intention of creating opportunities for acquisition.

Julie outlines her business model in terms of identifying and securing strategic distribution partnerships as a means of generating long-term value, as opposed to simply building revenue. She explains how Morphii provides an Experience Data (X-Data) Differentiator that an astute strategic partner will want to own in order to create separation in their market. The technology seamlessly plugs in to large software platforms and mobile applications, to capture the experiences of stakeholders, whenever and wherever X-Data is needed.

Morphii’s Intensity measurement is all about refining machine learning around X-Data. The technology was purpose-built to be simple, interactive and engaging on the front end, while it does the complex work of quantifying what’s qualitative and subjective on the back end. In turn, it augments and affirms other quantitative and qualitative strategies from sentiment scales to text/speech analytics by adding nuance to insights and inspiring people to externalize their experiences and tell you more about them through open feedback.

Naturally, since Vizbii is a portfolio company of SC Launch, Jack and Julie also discussed the benefits of being part of the SCRA network, particularly how the organization can be instrumental as a sounding board to hone your message, make strategic pivots, and perfect your market fit.

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