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Signals, Noises & Feelings (Oh, my!)

Signals, Noises & Feelings (Oh, my!)

As a rule, people like to be understood rather than misunderstood. But in digital communications, particularly where it comes to feelings, it’s often quite difficult to communicate clearly, and to be understood accurately.

Sure, typing three angry face emoji in a row might convey anger, but it’s a bit hard to say, as even anthropomorphic emoji aren’t designed to convey specific feelings so much as they’re designed to conform to instructions as to what the facial features should look like.  And even if most readers would interpret those as expressions of anger, how can we know for sure? Recent research suggests thatanthropomorphic emoji are easily misinterpreted, especially when they’re rendered differently across platforms.

Perhaps we could refer to any text that might accompany the emoji for some clarification. We could then let people decide whether and to what degree the accompanying text helps to clarify the apparent feelings being conveyed. Or, particularly when we’re trying to understand the feelings being conveyed by many thousands or even millions of digital communications, we might use text analytics – commonly referred to as text-scraping – to try to identify the feelings being conveyed by any text that accompany the emoji.

Unfortunately, text-scraping technologies are fraught with error when it comes to identifying specific feelings, and particularly their intensities. Perhaps this shouldn’t surprise us when we consider that even people sometimes disagree with one another when trying to make judgements as to whether a written statement is positive, negative, or neutral in tone.

The problem is one of clarity:  how clear are the signals, and how much noise is interfering with a clear communication exchange?

Now there’s morphii, the platform that increases clarity by reducing the interpretive load placed on software systems and human readers to understand the emotion type and intensity that someone writing a text message, a blog, a journalism piece, a product review, an experience rating, etc. might be trying to convey. With clear measurement and data analytics, to boot.

Morphiis increase the clarity of the signal and reduce the noise that gets in the way of clear communication. By allowing people to select specific, labelled feelings corresponding to facial expressions that are known to accurately connect with those labels, there’s less confusion about what type of feeling is being conveyed. And morphiis allow people to select the intensity of the feeling they want to convey, as well, in an unprecedented manner that happens to be fun and engaging.

That’s why we’re so excited that our new morphii Keyboard App hit the App Store TODAY!  Check it out, and let us know how you feel about it.  We love your feedback, and look forward to it, especially when you include your FEELINGS.

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