More insights from your customers & users.

More Engaging. More Effective. More Efficient.

People have a lot of feelings but hate taking surveys. You need real-time actionable insights without annoying your customers or users.

Make the process of knowing how your customers or users feel more engaging and fun!

Our tool makes it more engaging, effective and efficient to get data on your customers’ experience…but don’t let the cute emoji looking face fool you! There is a lot of scientific measurement behind that face…

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The CXHeartbeat Difference

Using NPS®-Style Pulse

What Your Users See

What Data You Get

23.6% Engagement Rate: 256 users out 1087 seen

Using CXHeartbeat

What Your Users See

What Data You Get

28.4% Engagement Rate: 323 users out 1139 seen

Go Beyond Sentiment to Get to the Heart of Core Human Emotions​

In an evolving marketplace, researchers have the hefty task of improving insights quality, increasing survey engagement, and fueling systems that work efficiently and improve overall experiences.

Using traditional metrics, researchers and the brands they serve rely on certain benchmarks – but these methods don’t address the emotions that drive consumer choice. CXHeartbeat does!

Our technology extracts more insightful and actionable data, while demonstrating higher levels of engagement to inform customer campaigns.

CXHeartbeat goes beyond consumer “judgments” – accessing consumers’ emotions and their intensity – capitalizing on the reliability of self-report in real-time.

CXHeartbeat can be deployed on any website to study brand health, report on recent experiences, or provide feedback on specific topics.

Find out what some of the largest brands in the world are discovering about emotion-based measurement of customer experiences!  

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