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Raise your Expectations for X-Data

You win when you better understand their experiences.

Better X-Data requires:

  • Highly efficient capture of ACTUAL experiences

  • Improved quality of X-Data for actionability

  • Injecting new classes of X-Data to improve applications and outcomes

Unfortunately, existing methods fall short. They’re inefficient and generate an incomplete and sometimes misinterpreted account … until now.

Meet Morphii,

the X-Factor in capturing the most actionable X-Data.

X-Data is complex … capturing it accurately no longer is.

We don’t feel or experience things in star ratings or 1 to 10 increments.

These initiatives require interpretation to understand the experiences of your stakeholders.

You’ve likely been forced to augment them with open feedback and NLP initiatives to try and extract and infer insights around experiences.

Besides being inefficient, this approach is biased toward the extremes.

Asking people to try to quantify, rate and/or explain their subjective experiences in words puts an incredible burden on them … and you.

They just want to feel heard and understood and all you want is to be certain that what you capture from them is accurate.

The facts shouldn’t surprise you.

Using existing tools leads to a disproportionate amount of response from outliers.

That’s not good … because understanding the experience of the majority is vital. The less gray area, the better. Agree?

Efficiently generating accurate X-Data lies in the capture process.

That is what gives Morphii the X-Factor in X-Data.

Delighted at 0

Delighted at 0.82

How? Morphii acts as a digital mirror.

Respondents simply adjust graphical images to express the type and intensity of their experience.

Free from the burden of being asked to arbitrarily quantify their experience, respondents are more engaged and their responses are more genuine.

In revolutionizing the capture process, Morphii adds a new and indispensable class of X-Data … intensity.

INTENSITY matters!

There is >60% improvement in predicting behavior when you add intensity to experience data.

Your decision-making ability is greatly enhanced when you capture experience and intensity and inspire more engagement and more feedback.

Good news!

Morphii lives anywhere you want to capture the experiences of your stakeholders.

It is a widget/plugin for on-demand and/or prompted outreach from your application or website. From the library of 30+ adjustable graphics, you can select the appropriate morphii(s) to meet your research objectives.

Morphii is patented, language and technology agnostic and capable of being further customized to capture and measure ANY subjective experience.

Experience Morphii for yourself (Seriously, go ahead … give it a spin!):

How does your X-Data make you feel?

Capturing accurate X-Data is critical to your success.
With Morphii, you can learn precisely how people feel … regardless of who they are.

While the applications for Morphii are limitless, the 4 most common are:

Still not convinced?

Morphii results speak for themselves …

> 60 %
improvement in predictive accuracy when you quantify the significance of experience types
50 x
more effective at predicting negative behaviors than Likelihood to Recommend
2- 4 x
more effective at provoking feedback from the majority than other commonly used tools
21 %
net improvement in engagement

And, the risks are too high to ignore …


20 %
of analytic insights deliver business outcomes


20- 35 %
of operating revenues are lost due to poor quality data

Can you afford to act on inferior X-Data?

Isn’t it time to put Morphii to work for you?


The X-Factor in X-Data!

See Morphii in action in this two minute video.

Using Morphii for better customer experience:
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