Morphii® is a plug-in HTML widget built to seamlessly plug in to your platform to capture experiences!


Integrate Morphii®

Plug in the Morphii widget to your platform or 3rd party survey application.


Go live

Choose morphii IDs relevant to what you and your customers are trying to capture.


Share results

Provide morphii responses alongside other data in your reporting dashboard to create actionable insights to your users.

Morphii® Integration Architecture

  1. Your Web App uses the Morphii® Services to render morphiis associated with a question on the page.
  2. When the user is done, the Web App submits the morphii® reaction. This is done calling a function provided by the Morphii® Service.
  3. As a response the Web App receives back the morphii® response information (type of emotion and intensity).
  4. The Web App transmits the morphii® response and other data captured to your platform to be processed.
  5. The morphii® response information is persisted in your database(s) for further aggregation and analysis. Your platform controls how the data is stored and secured.
  6. Your end users will use your App Dashboard to view results, including the morphii® results. This allows you to keep the user in your system without them going somewhere else to see the morphii® results.
  7. The morphii® responses are queried alongside other significant metrics from your database.

And … in case you are wanting a quick head start on an integration, we have built a few basic integrations for you to build upon!

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