We envision a world where no people struggle to express themselves, to understand or to be understood.

Our talented team of scientists, developers, marketers, analysts and SaaS operators is committed to bringing innovative, engaging communication tools to the digital world-across all channels, industries and disciplines.

Julie Moreland

Board Member / CEO

Liz Gurley

Director of Operations & Product Marketing

Michael Wright

Sr. Advisor, Technology

Jay Bredenberg

Sr. Advisor, Solutions

Chad McPeters

Sr. Advisor, Design

Greg Haudek, Ph.D.

Sr. Advisor, R&D Research

Peter Ricciardi

Sr. Advisor, Branding & Messaging

Christy Petrosso, Ph.D.

Sr. Advisor, R&D Research

Steven Pierdon, MD, MMM

Board Member

Denny Hardock

Board Member

Jesse Achenbach

Chairman of the Board

Bob McConnell

Board Member

The idea for Morphii® started with a psychologist who wanted better data and a better experience for his patients, so he could better connect with and help them. It took a forward-looking psychology grad with a designer’s eye and the determination to teach herself to become a developer to bring it to life.

Brian Sullivan, Ph.D.

Founder, R&D Health Outcomes

Corley Sullivan

Founder, R&D Validation

is a powerful tool.

Watch our Co-Founder, Dr. Brian Sullivan, explain why emotions matter in his talk at TEDx Charleston.

Dr. Brian Sullivan speaking at TedX Charleston
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