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Morphii Makes Surveys More Engaging & Efficient

Internal studies show that Morphii achieves 21% Net Improvement over competing methods to secure engagement beyond survey. THE PROBLEM Let’s face it—surveys are generally boring. Often,

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What is more telling—a feeling or a forecast? Morphii Demonstrates More Actionable Outcomes than a Leading Rating System

Emotion Insights suggest that 56% of respondents fell into misleading NPS categories in a recent study. The Business Problem NPS®️ gained notoriety for efficiently garnering

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Morphii’s® Emotion Insights Explain “Promoter” Inconsistencies for Outdoor Remodel Industry Leader

3 out of 4 NPS® “Promoters” Actually Reported a Less Energized Emotion In retail and other direct-to-consumer markets, it is common for companies to use

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Emotional Response Enables Better Customer Retention: How to Go Deeper with your CX Metrics

3 out of 5 of NPS® “Detractors” Actually Report an Efficiently Addressable Emotional State. Consumer experience and research departments are often tasked with developing a

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Closing the Emotion Gap in Political Polling

8 out of 10 major polls mispredicted the outcome of the 2016 election by at least 3 points.   OVERVIEW Morphii® collaborated with EMI –

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Measuring Emotion Goes Beyond Sentiment & NPS®

What Net Promoter Score® Lacks, Morphii Provides Net Promoter Score (NPS) numeric ratings intend to predict how customers might behave in the future. The developers

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