Step 1: Get Our Tools!

Download One of Our Widgets, SDKs, and Other Technology.

You can embed the Morphii Emotion Measurement capabilities into your application using our

  • JavaScript-based web widgets
  • Native iOS and Android SDKs.
  • Platform-specific integration libraries for popular platforms
Morphii Animation

All the integration technologies allow you to flexibly control how you display the capture of emotion-based feedback, allowing you to plug these powerful capabilities into your existing workflows.

Step 2: Plug into your existing applications

Collect Emotional Responses From Your Customers, Employees, Patients and More.

Embed our technology into your applicatication and start asking powerful emotion-based questions. Leveraging emotions allows you to go beyond understanding sentiment. It gives you power to better predict behaviors and helps guide intelligent solutions to the challenges your users experience.

Some popular platforms where customers have leveraged Morphii:


Embed Morphii into many popular survey and application platforms—
making it easy to add Morphii to your existing outreach efforts.

Step 3: Display Actionable Insights in Your Dashboard

Learn Through Insights and Analytics.

Emotions power incredible insights.  The Morphii platform provides several ways to access these learnings and analytics:

  • Direct integration into platform reporting
  • API access to aggregate metrics
  • Direct streaming of results/insights to your application platform

Provide your users a seamless integration that offers powerful results of emotional analysis into your application or platform.

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