Experience Data
Everyone Wants it and Everyone Needs it!

We’ve solved the real issue with capturing and quantifying it …

Why has it been so .

Because most organizations are using the same set of tools—asking people to rate their experience, rather than simply express themselves.

But, people don’t feel or experience things in star-ratings or 1-10 increments. 



Even when you get more information to help explain context … this open feedback often represents outliers versus the majority.

Will you champion real understanding to improve experiences? …
Will your competitor?

directly from the source!


A technology built to engage people in authentic, scientific self-expression, and facilitate real-time understanding and improved outcomes.

This changes everything!

Existing tools leave the majority unknown & misunderstood …

Morphii captures not only what they are experiencing but how intensely! Whoever delivers this experience data will win.

Having data doesn’t mean you win …

having the best data does!  

Having data
doesn’t mean you win …
having the best data does!  

0 %
of analytic insights will deliver business outcomes
20- 20 %
of operating revenues are lost due to poor quality data

The risks and opportunities to get this right are staggering.


Until Morphii, accurately capturing experiences was incredibly challenging, if not impossible.

Not anymore.

0 x
Improvement predicting negative behaviors
2- 2 x
more effective at provoking open feedback from majority

The facts speak for themselves.

Shouldn’t you provide the best experience data to your users?

Regardless of whether they’re are trying to understand their customers, patients, employees, students or otherwise, Morphii infuses insights with REAL understanding they can use to improve outcomes, in-the-moment and over time.

Let Morphii help you capture and quantify real experience data to set your solutions apart.

Unlike traditional measurement tools that unintentionally stymie both participation and candor, Morphii® technology encourages individual expression, not individual assessment.

Using Morphii for better customer experience:
Using Morphii for wellness and better outcomes:
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