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Yes. Morphii data is available to download/export for external analysis. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Morphii Reviews > Settings, then select the tab for Reports, and Export All Reviews.

We're working on it! Currently the plugin will only display individual responses to Morphii questions based on the page where they are placed. We are working on functionality to display all-time aggregated response data, per page/per question for the free plugin; and, in the future, we hope to build out advanced reporting for paid subscribers to filter data by dates or specific periods of time, etc.

Yes! Multiple Morphii questions can be placed on a page by inserting the appropriate question IDs into one instance of shortcode. For this plugin, you are generally limited to one submit button per page. So, Morphii question IDs should all be placed in the same location within the same block of shortcode in order for the submit button to function properly.

Shortcode example:
[morphii-reviews question_ids=”MWP100,MWP102,MWP103″]

Important! If you place multiple (separate) lines of the plugin shortcode on the same page, the submit button functionality will often break.

The free version of the morphii plugin is limited to a short list of 6 pre-scripted questions and responses intended to be widely applicable across industries and use-cases. The Morphii Pro plugin has an expanded library that includes 17 additional questions, and allows you to capture open-ended feedback in addition to the Morphii response. Finally, Morphii Pro+ gives you access to all of Morphii's pre-scripted questions. Want to ask a different Morphii Question, or use Morphii somewhere else? Contact us to talk about our Enterprise solutions.


The Morphii Plugin is limited to the pre-scripted questions and responses which cannot be altered. To suggest additional questions for future consideration, or license Morphii for custom use-cases, just contact us!

Pre-scripted Morphii questions always display with the most negative response to the left, and positive to the right, in keeping with best practices established through our market research partners to reduce bias.

The free version of the morphii plugin does not include text box functionality for open-ended responses. Morphii's paid plugins include a text box, permitting open-ended responses for additional context.

Morphii plugins will always have a limited quantity of questions accessible within respective libraries. However, we are always eager to hear the questions you’d like to ask, and would be grateful for your recommendations and feedback as they will guide plugin updates and enhancements moving forward. Please submit all suggestions to Morphii_wp@Morphii.com.

The Morphii plugin is limited to a single domain. In order to use Morphii across multiple domains, a unique account ID and client key will be required. If you manage multiple domains and you’re interested in more advanced question libraries and features, we encourage you to inquire about an Enterprise License at Morphii_wp@Morphii.com.

Bi-directional Morphiis provide a simple and compact User Experience. They allow users to move the slider to select between two different Morphiis and their relative intensity within a single graphic. For example, in the free version of the Morphii plugin you can ask the question “How do you feel about the Design and User Experience of this website?” and the response for this question is limited to include the poles Hate and Love with a neutral center. Controlling the slider, the user can select which of these emotions they are experiencing, and how intensely. Paid versions of the plugin allow you to ask this same question with more discrete responses to get a more acute understanding of your users. For example, if they are Confused, Frustrated, or maybe just indifferent to the experience you’re providing, you will know more than "this user had a negative experience" and you can respond accordingly.

Intensity data is new, and the volume of Morphii data you are collecting will certainly play a role in how exacting you can be in applying it to your specific insights strategies. That said, we recommend two basic approaches for newcomers to get their feet wet while they build their database of intensity data. Option 1 is relatively simple, look at the Median or the Average intensity value for each response type in relation to the question and prioritize empathy driven responses to this feedback. For example, if a marginal number of responses to the question “How does this content make you feel?” indicate that people are highly confused, averaging an intensity of .8521, then efforts to clarify your content are well-advised. Option 2 is to divide intensity data into 3 buckets per response type: low intensity (0.0-0.4); moderate intensity (0.41-0.79); and, High intensity (0.8-1.0). In more advanced models with high volumes of intensity data used in parallel with other experience and behavioral data points, we expect intensity to be extremely predictive in terms of future behavior.


We encourage you to visit Morphii.com to learn more about our product development, research, use-cases, etc. If you have specific questions, we’d love to hear from you at Morphii_wp@Morphii.com.

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