Getting Started: A Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Morphii’s® Free Plugin

Once you’ve installed and activated a Morphii plugin on your WordPress dashboard two new options will appear in the Navigation Menu on the left of your Admin Screen titled “Morphii Reviews” and “Morphii Questions.”

Go to Morphii Reviews and find the sub-menu option for settings. Then, look for the tab marked “License” and click the button to “Get your Morphii License Keys.”

Check the reCAPTCHA box and click the “VERIFY” button to get your license keys. Use the Copy button to the right of your Account ID and Client Key to copy and paste these items into the License Tab.

Locate and Select “Morphii Questions” menu option to review the available library for your plugin. Each question has an assigned Question ID to make placement simple and consistent.

Once you’ve decided on a page or post where you’d like to ask a Morphii question, it’s time to grab your shortcode and customize it with the Question ID for the question you’d like to ask. Go back to Morphii Reviews>Settings>Shortcode, then copy the shortcode. Then go to the Page where you’d like to place it on your site and add the code to a block where you’d like it to appear on your page, and amend the code to reflect the Question ID that suits your needs. In this case, we want to ask “How are you feeling today?” so we are editing the shortcode to include the question ID MWP400 and placing it on our Home page.

Once the shortcode is saved and published to the site, the end result should look like this:

Capture a test reaction, as demonstrated in the video above to ensure that your code is working properly. Then, go back to the WordPress Admin Dashboard and select Morphii Reviews. Here you can see each individual Morphii reaction captured on your site. Select the Reaction that lines up with your recent submission to take a look at the data you captured, and click “View Detailed Review.”

View Detailed Review is great for an instant look at your feedback, but after a short while, you’ll want to review and segment data in bulk. You can Export your Morphii reaction data by going to Morphii Reviews>Settings>Export All Reviews.

A CSV file similar to what you see below will download for you to view, segment, integrate and analyze data as you see fit.

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