Deciding on the Best Questions for Your Site

Whether you’re a retailer, a blogger, a media outlet, or something else, Morphii is built for you. Our plugins supply a library of questions intended to bridge industries and use-cases, while providing actionable data to help better understand and predict human behavior. Where your site visitors are, in their journey through you user experience, should influence which questions you ask to get the best data return.

Choosing the most insightful questions to get at actionable data is simple. There’s a something for everyone. For retailers, you may be interested in asking your customers about their shopping experience, or how they feel about your products and services. For example, for Morphii Pro users, if you have a place on your site dedicated to testimonials and/or reviews, you might be inclined to ask how people feel about recommending your business to their friends, family, or colleagues. This is a great way to harvest testimonial content, since Morphii has a tendency to get folks to open up in open text feedback. Additionally, if your looking for ways to improve, capturing that critical context you need from your users becomes more organic and easier to action.

Content creators looking for reactions to their work may want to apply the Morphii widget directly to pages where their content lives to capture people’s emotional response, and understand if it was in line with their intent.

Morphii is also great for checking in on the user experience your site visitors are having. Have you recently added a new feature to your site, or made changes to improve the user’s journey? Now you can ask users how they feel about your UX and Design!

The Morphii Question Library that will be fully available with the upcoming release of Pro+. We’ve developed questions for marketers to understand strategic decision making, employee experience questions to guide organizations who want to interact with their workforce via their WordPress site, as well as several more general questions that tackle all kinds of experiences from how people feel about their financial health, or preparing a recipe, or taking certain precautions related to the pandemic.

If you don’t find the questions you want to ask, or you want to ask questions on other digital platforms outside of WordPress, we encourage you to contact us about our Enterprise solutions.

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