Step-by-step Guide to Upgrading to the Morphii Pro Plugin for WordPress

To upgrade from the Free version of Morphii for WordPress, simply visit to download Morphii Pro. 

OR, you can simply opt to “Go Pro” from within your WordPress Admin Area.

Once you’ve added Morphii Pro to your cart, proceed to checkout to sign up for 17 additional Morphii questions (plus the 6 questions available at the Free level). Once the purchase is complete you will receive an email including the Download Link that looks like this: 

Once you have downloaded the zip file, head back to your WordPress Dashboard and select Plugins from the Navigation Menu. You do not need to unzip this file. From here, you will select the option to “Upload Plugin.” 

Go to “Choose File” and find the zip file for the plugin you recently downloaded, then click “Install Now.”

Once the plugin is installed, select the option to “Activate Plugin.”

Once activated, you will see “Morphii Advanced Reviews” among the plugins you’re using on your WordPress site. 

Find the main Settings Menu on the WordPress Navigation bar, then select Morphii Pro. Insert the License Key, found in the invoice emailed to you and activate your subscription.

Go to the Morphii Questions tab in the main Navigation bar to confirm that all 23 questions are now available for use on your site. 

Set and place the shortcode, just as you did in the Free Morphii plugin for WordPress and reap the benefits of better data. 

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