What is Morphii & How Can I Use it For Free

Morphii is a digital solution for capturing human experiences. People simply adjust graphical images to express the type and intensity of their experience. Free from the burden of being asked to arbitrarily quantify what they’re feeling, respondents are more engaged and their responses are more genuine. The Morphii Plugin for WordPress allows users to access the power of experience capture where they market their products, engage with their customers, and/or publish their content, and more.

The function of the plug-in is straightforward. Like other WordPress plug-ins, there is a free-forever entry point. It gives you access to a small library of questions designed for a variety of industries and clientele. Examples include, “How does this content make you feel?” and “How do you feel about our products?” Users respond with morphiis, adaptable graphic images that allow people to share exactly what they’re feeling, and how intensely. The plugin’s dashboard then tracks and synthesizes these reactions in real-time.

You can review Morphii’s free and paid plugin offerings for WordPress here.

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