Where to Find your Morphii Data

Now that Morphii is live on your WordPress site, it’s time to dive into the data!

Morphii Data can be accessed from your WordPress Dashboard using two simple methods.

View a Detailed Review:

Individual Responses can be accessed by selecting Morphii Reviews from the Admin Menu in your WordPress Dashboard. Each Individual Response will be listed here for easy access.

The Details of the Individual Respose will be accessible here—detailing the Question Asked, the Morphii Selected, and the Intensity the end-user dialed in. Pro users will also be able to view any open-ended feedback that the person provided in the accompanying text box.

Export All Reviews:

Morphii Plugin users who want to export data for additional analysis can access a CSV file that will include all of the Morphii data captured across their site. To Export your data, return to the Admin Menu in your WordPress Dashboard. Under Morphii Reviews, select Settings and toggle to the Reports tab where you can Export All Reviews with the click of a button.

Once you’ve exported the data file, you can view all of your data in one place, then segment reactions to different pages and posts to better understand your end-users experiences—what they are feeling, and how intensely—to predict their next move and plan yours!

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