Why Have We Chosen to Build a Library of Morphii Questions?

Why have we chosen to use a library?

The first question our contracted clients usually ask us is, “What questions should I ask and which morphiis should I use?” For the Morphii for WordPress plugin, we wanted to remove any guesswork and make it as easy as possible for getting actionable feedback from readers/customers/clients/employees and more.

We formulated our questions based on years of experience in generating experience data across a multitude of industries with our partners in market research, employee retention, as well as other areas of professional expertise. The simplest, most direct questions (and response options) are often best, as they don’t get left to interpretation by the respondent. Additionally, the Pro and Pro+ versions of the plugin offers a text box so that respondents can expand upon their answer if they so choose.

Additionally, we chose to provide a library to further build benchmarks across industries. This will allow us to build confidence in Morphii data moving forward, as users deploy consistent questions and response sets to inform insights. As customer needs grow and change, our library will adapt with you. We’ll never omit a question from the Morphii library, but if there’s something you’d like to ask and you think it would be a valuable addition, let us know!

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