Julie Moreland

Julie Moreland

Board Member / CEO

Julie is a serial entrepreneur who loves to find those pivotal moments within a market, assemble the perfect team, and get to work! After spending formative years at IBM and Georgia Pacific, Julie dedicated most of the next 25 building SaaS-based companies on both coasts. Engaging her unique experience within the HR Technology market – she continues to fuse behavioral science, technology, and predictive analytics to develop and deliver products that simplify problem solving and inform decisions.

Historically, the behavioral science market has used rating scales like Likert and 5-stars, but Julie feels these methods lack context that is significant to all markets and digital communication channels. Working as the CEO of Vizbii, she has assembled an amazing team to join the co-founders in realizing their vision – providing science-based technology that enables people around the world to express their emotions with unprecedented clarity. Julie believes emotion-based responses can communicate the most actionable and predictive analytics – allowing businesses to solve problems more efficiently with higher quality behavioral data that actually engages the consumer in the exchange.

Julie co-authored the Best Selling book Women Who Mean Business and belongs to the Silicon Valley chapter of WPO. When not focused on work, she’s often found riding a Harley, hiking, and wine tasting.

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