At Vizbii Technologies Inc., creators of emotion-capture technology, Morphii®, we envision a digital world where everyone can express themselves and everyone can be understood.

Morphii not only provides reliable insights - it fulfills an obligation to make the feedback process more engaging and efficient for respondents, while providing stakeholders with a competitive market differentiator that is simple and cost-effective to deploy using existing technology channels.
Patricia Houston
ExperienceBuilt Group
Founder & COO

Our talented team of scientists, developers, marketers, analysts and SaaS operators is committed to bringing innovative, engaging communication tools to the digital world-across all channels, industries and disciplines.

Julie Moreland

CEO / Board Member

Elaine Whitfield

Director of Operations

Gerard White

Acting CRO

Dawn Holly Johnson

Executive Business Advisor

Christy Petrosso, Ph.D.

Sr. Advisor, R&D Research

Greg Haudek, Ph.D.

Sr. Advisor, R&D Research

Emily Harmon, Ph.D.

Sr. Advisor, R&D Research

Chad McPeters

Sr. Advisor, Design

Michael Wright

Sr. Advisor, Technology

Jay Bredenberg

Sr. Advisor, Solutions

Jesse Achenbach

Chairman of the Board

Steven Pierdon, MD, MMM

Board Member

Denny Hardock

Board Member

Bob McConnell

Board Member

Bill Freeman

Board Advisor

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