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Morphii Meets Higher Education

Morphii Meets Higher Education

The Morphii platform has birthed another engaging and useful tool: Quirii. It’s a simple way to set up a survey by specifying a video, image, or text target to allow people to react with morphiis representing one or more feelings. It allows site visitors to play with the Morphii platform and learn about this novel UI/data reporting suite.  

As a professor of psychology at the College of Charleston, I see two key opportunities for Quirii to help me meet two of the challenges of teaching: engagement and feedback.  

Quirii can help me engage my students.

I can, for example, upload a photo of Sigmund Freud along with the question, “About the fact that this revolutionary thought leader was once addicted to cocaine, you feel…?” and distribute a link to the poll to the class by email or SMS.

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Then I can watch their emotional reactions and comments roll in, in near-real-time. I’ll learn what percentages of the students responded with which feelings, and what the most intense feeling expressed was, and be able to share that with the class.

I can conduct this poll between classes, or even in class, as it would take only about 60 seconds to set up and distribute. And I can think of dozens of these instant polls to conduct to engage students, especially to hear from some of the quieter ones, as the replies are reported anonymously.

Quirii can help me to learn from my students, as well.

Rather than waiting until the end of the semester to use the College’s informative but rather boring Course-Instructor Evaluation survey (the results of which I cannot see until after the course has concluded!), I can use Quirii to ask them to share their feelings, anonymously, about the course and my instruction style.  I can do that by uploading an image of our textbook, or a brief video of myself teaching, and the question, “So far, how do you feel about how this course is going, and why?” I could do this at midterms, monthly, weekly, or even more than once during a given lecture period, because Quirii is so easy to use and the feedback is so immediate.  

Though presently only a simple demo tool at our website, Quirii is actually a powerful and novel instrument, available free of charge, with unlimited use. It’s not a typical survey device, and it yields the sort of data that come only via morphiis. Future versions will bring more extensive data reporting and off-loading, a wider variety of media options for upload, and the ability to create individual accounts for long-term storage and repeated use of individual Quiriis.  

You can try Quirii yourself here, and we’d love to hear your feedback as well as see examples of how you’re putting it to use!  Feel free to contact me directly:


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