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Exciting Q1 Updates from Morphii Team


Morphii Releasing WordPress Plugin

The team has been hard at work over the last quarter on a special project. We are thrilled to announce that Morphii is developing a WordPress plugin that can integrate Morphii feedback tools onto any WordPress webpage. Beta testing is underway and the plugin should be in-store in January!

The why: bringing Morphii, in its basic form, to the masses on the world’s most expansive web development platform.

Who can use it: anyone on a WordPress site who wants real-time feedback. No developer required.

What it gives you: easy-to-read, real-time feedback in a data table located on the back-end of your website or in a downloadable csv format.

What’s next: Pro and Pro+ versions of the plugin with expanded, pre-built, question libraries and functionality for a variety of use-cases from customer to user experience, and more. 


Morphii Named Among Top 10 Startup Tech Companies in The Tech Tribune

Thank you to The Tech Tribune for this awesome recognition. Vizbii has been recognized as a Top Tech Startup in Charleston among great folks like ATLATL, Good United, and AmplifiedAg. We are grateful to be named and send a big thank you to our current customers and our team!

Check it out here: 10 Best Startups in Charleston


Morphii Delivers 3rd Annual Employee Study for Pizza Franchise

Morphii was deployed in its third annual employee engagement study for one of the largest singly-owned franchises of an American multinational pizza chain. Amid the Great Resignation of 2021, and just prior to launching this study, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that quits rates in the food service industry hit 6.8%, compared to an overall quits rate of 2.9%…. well above the 5% peaks seen in quits in 2006 and 2019, and 4.1% average over the past 20 years.” (Source)

Highlights from this year’s study and year-over-year comparisons indicate:

  • Initiatives to curb harassment are paying off. Happiness with these initiatives held steady across employee groups despite some Skepticism. Reports of experiencing/witnessing harassment in the workplace fell by 23% since previously measured in 2019;
  • Employee Indifference is on the rise across all employee groups and areas of measurement—a clear reflection of how labor shortages are impacting workforce engagement;
  • How employees feel about the way they are valued by the organization mirrors their attitudes about compensation, and provides clear indicators regarding employees’ likelihood to stay on the job. 
Since sharing our findings, the organization raised pay for all restaurant employees and we will be conducting a follow-on pulse initiative to measure the impact of added compensation in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for more details and updates!  



International Research is IN: Determining Universal Recognition of Core Morphiis

The claim: We have always said that morphiis are agnostic to things like language and location—leaning heavily on the work of research pioneer and psychologist, Paul Ekman. Our initial product validation was largely limited to the U.S., until now, that is….  

The research: 1,400+ residents of 4 global regions (North America: 300+ residents of the US and Canada; Latin America: 297 residents of Mexico and Chile; Europe: 300+ residents of Germany, France and the UK; Asia Pacific: 500+ residents of India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand) were given the ability to recognize and identify the correct morphii image for each core emotional construct, at a reasonable and definitive rate, taking into account the intensity of the facial expression at high AND low levels of arousal.

What we found: We are pleased to confirm that our six Core morphiis performed exceptionally well in global markets—indicating that they are capable of capturing these basic emotional constructs despite variations in locale and primary language.Learn more about the research conducted in our blog, “Are Morphiis Universally Understood? New Research Says, ‘YES!’”.

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