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Morphii Named Most Innovative Emotion Tracking Software Solution by CorporateVision

We are thrilled to announce that Morphii has been included in the latest issue of CorporateVision magazine as its winner for “Most Innovative Emotion Tracking Software Solution.” Here is an excerpt from the article:

Vizbii Technologies Inc. has developed the most efficient and accurate way to quantify
qualitative human experiences like emotions, moods, physical and mental states, etc.
Morphii® has been recognised by Corporate Vision as the Most Innovative Emotion Capture Software Solution – 2021.

While platforms are investing in X-Data technologies to interpret every word or move that people make, Morphii
provides an efficient and engaging innovation to bridge the understanding gap between the extremes and enable
more authentic and insightful capture to augment X-Data counterparts and strengthen predictions universally.

The Vizbii team has been hard at work and it’s thrilling to see this recognized with recent honors. Read the entire write-up about Morphii in CorporateVision’s latest issue.

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