Thanks to you, Morphii has never looked better.

Morphii is no longer green with envy. Its new yellow color more accurately speaks to the fact that Morphii is establishing itself as the standard of excellence in the ever-changing world of emotion-capture technology. Now, all published Morphiis will be available in the familiar, emoji-like yellow… a color enhanced by a unique gradient that offers added dimension and can make every expression pop more than ever before!

Our intentions were good.

The development of our original green morphiis sought to differentiate our technology from the emojis we were seeing on an everyday basis. The intention was to build our brand, free from racial or ethnic bias, while capturing the intensity of any experience on a universal stage… and it worked. Core morphii expressions and those developed for insights measurement have been carefully validated, field tested, and customer approved.

But, as our catalogue grew parallel to the array of constructs our partners were seeking to measure, our validation process for more nuanced and varied expressive states became more complex. For example, as we experimented with more physical states we heard, “Is that morphii feeling down, or feeling queasy?”

So, we had to ask ourselves: Is there a better way? Is “green” limiting us from capturing a wider variety of expressions? Simultaneously, our best customers and prospects began to ask “Does it have to be green?” We got to work. In a big way.

We are confident that with your invaluable input, we got this right. Our early work with yellow morphiis has received better-than-ever feedback.

Of equal importance, as we grew our catalogue of expressions and developed exciting new morphiis to capture more nuanced states, green presented a greater opportunity for misinterpretation. That clearly would have been counterproductive.

Plus, the familiar yellow allows people to relate to the faces and emotions more quickly.

Not ready to say good-bye to the past? No worries.

If you prefer our legacy-green morphiis, those that are in use today will always be available. However, as you’d expect, all new expressions will be developed in our new color.

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