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Emotions influence motivations that drive behaviors.

Morphii founder Dr. Brian Sullivan speaks on the power of emotion at TEDx Charleston.

Dr. Brian Sullivan speaking at TedX Charleston
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Sentiment, NPS and 5-star ratings are limited.

Morphii goes beyond existing tools to give you actionable insights rooted in the emotion science.

Morphii works in 3 easy steps:


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Collect emotional responses from your customers, employees, and patients.


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Learn through insights and analytics via our APIs.

Morphii in Action:

61.2% of NPS® “Detractors” actually report an efficiently addressable emotional state

Before: Using Net Promoter Score®​

A leading global telecom provider’s NPS® data defined 30.3% of their surveyed customers as “Detractors.” Frustrated by this, they asked:

  1. Can we address detractors?

  2. If so, how do we identify those individuals who are most efficiently addressed?

After: Using Morphii Technology and the CX Morphii Insights Model (MIM)

“Promoters,” “Detractors,” and the often-disregarded “Passive” groups were recontextualized by their emotional responses into groups that provided more efficient, leverageable action.

NPS Ratings by Percentage of CX MIM Category

We uncovered that 61.2% of their so-called “Detractors” actually fell into efficiently addressable CX MIM categories: Passive Negative and Neutral.

The emotions revealed by these groups offered the greatest efficiency for improving brand experience and a premier opportunity for growing and retaining revenue.

“Detractor” NPS Ratings by Percentage of CX MIM Category

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