Harness the Power of Emotion Science

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Emotions influence motivations that drive behaviors.

Morphii founder Dr. Brian Sullivan speaks on the power of emotion at TEDx Charleston.

Dr. Brian Sullivan speaking at TedX Charleston
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Sentiment, NPS and 5-star ratings are limited.

Morphii goes beyond existing tools to give you actionable insights rooted in the emotion science.

Morphii works in 3 easy steps:


Get our tools

Download one of our widgets, SDKs, and more!


Plug into your existing applications

Collect emotional responses from your customers, employees, and patients.


Display actionable insights in your dashboard

Learn through insights and analytics via our APIs.

Morphii in Action:

A major telecom service provider needed to address their vulnerable customers’ issues.

Before: Using NPS Scores


of all surveyed customers were labeled as Detractors on NPS.
This service provider needed to answer these questions:

1) Can I address any of these Detractors?

2) If so, what is the most efficient approach to address them?

After: Using Morphii Insights


of all surveyed customers are having a negative experience
but are efficiently addressable, with


being identified as the best opportunities for improving
brand experience and growing revenue.

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Why So Many Negative Emotions?

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