AND, you need to Accurately Capture MORE of their Experiences!

Unfortunately, existing methods and tools are not engaging and don’t capture actionable data, leaving you to rely on inaccurate, incomplete and misleading feedback.

We Get It...Meet Morphii!

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Morphii provides you the competitive advantage to create better experiences!

"Our response rate jumped from 16 to 84% with our first survey using Morphii preferred platform partner RavenCSI"

Top Proven Benefits

Morphii Impact: Research Against Popular Tools

QUANTITY (Engaging & more fun, enabling you to hear from the Silent Majority):

> 70 %
Completion Rates (5% is historically considered good)
2 x
more written feedback for context

QUALITY (Eliminating interpretation, misleading & misunderstood data):

> 60 %
Predictibility over Likert / Net Promoter
50 x
More Effective at Predicting Negative Behaviors
"Morphii's track record for outperforming other experience scales and methodologies on engagement, and its ability to expedite and enhance predictive capabilities made the decision to move forward an easy one."

3 Proven Steps For Successful Implementation

Demo & Exploration

Allow us to understand your specific challenges and show you how to apply the power of Morphii to solve them.

Co-Design Your Program

We collaborate with you to design & implement a solution that meets your specific challenges.

Empowering Winning Strategies

Harnessing accurate & actionable experience data to establish your competitive advantage.

Experience Morphii For Yourself

Customer Experience

Identify At-risk Customers, Predict Churn

Employee Experience

Engagement, Predict Churn, Promote Feeling Safe, Improve Learning Comprehension


Brand Health, Concept Testing, User Experience

Patient Experience

Access, Communication, Whole Person Care

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